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Women’s wellness exams go by a variety of different names; well-woman exam, well-woman checkup, wellness visit… all of which are designed to keep you in good health and anticipate and treat potential problems before they get out of hand. These exams are aimed at identifying problems that could lead to health issues in the future, particularly complications related to the breasts, cervix, vagina, and overall female reproductive system. All women should schedule a yearly gynecologic exam to make sure they remain in good health in the months and years to come.


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What Does a Wellness Visit Include?

The components of a well-woman exam are age-dependent. A comprehensive history is always included, and further physical exams, laboratory testing, and imaging studies are tailored to age and history requirements. Potential topics include contraception, fertility, family planning, cardiovascular risk assessment, and cancer screening. Likely lab studies include pap smears, STD screening, urine and blood tests. The most common imaging studies recommended are mammograms, bone densities, and pelvic ultrasounds. Procedures frequently recommended are sleep studies and colonoscopies.

How Do Women’s Wellness Exams Work?

We will start by taking a full medical history, including family history, information about your menstrual cycle, any symptoms you may be experiencing, the type and level of sexual activity, and specific concerns you may have. A standard pelvic and breast exam is part of most women’s wellness exams, with additional tests being performed as recommended based on Dr. Aslami’s assessment of your health condition.

Are Tests Always Part of a Women’s Health Exam?

Tests are not always part of women’s wellness exams. However, you should have regular Pap smears if you are 21 or over, and you should start having mammograms annually starting at age 40, if not before. Making these procedures a standard part of your consultations will ensure your long-term gynecologic health.

Women’s Wellness Exams in Bridgewater, MA

Horizons Health & Wellness can provide a comprehensive well-woman exam to women of any age. We have a location in Bridgewater, MA. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Aslami is highly knowledgeable and will approach your physical examination with sensitivity and care in a stress-free environment. To schedule your exam, click the button below or call us now at (508) 807-0634.