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Have you noticed the appearance of cellulite on your body? Weight gain and aging can both be major contributing factors for developing this concern. While cellulite doesn’t pose any medical risks, its appearance is less than pleasant and can lead you to feel self-conscious. If you’ve noticed the dimpling and wrinkling associated with this issue on your thighs or other parts of your body, we’re here to help. Our TempSure® Firm cellulite treatment is an effective option designed to give you the skin you want without the need for surgery or downtime.


What Is TempSure® Firm Cellulite Treatment? 

The TempSure® Firm cellulite device is a non-invasive treatment that reduces the appearance of cellulite. This system relies on a special massage head and radiofrequency (RF) heating, providing smooth and radiant results. Treatments with this device require no downtime and can be done in a simple office visit. TempSure® Firm can reduce the appearance of cellulite in just a few short sessions.

Cellulite on thigh

What Does TempSure® Firm Treat?

The TempSure® Firm system is an excellent choice for ridding your body of cellulite. Targeted areas include the thighs, buttocks, hips, and abdominal area. The Firm uses radiofrequency technology to smooth your skin and give you the cellulite-free appearance you’re looking for.

How Does This Treatment Work?

This device relies on radiofrequency (RF) heating similar to TempSure® Envi, but adds a massage head that allows heat and vibration to disrupt cellulite. As the handpiece is applied to your skin, it gradually decreases the appearance of cellulite, improves your skin texture, and enhances your youthful glow. Best of all, no downtime is required after the session.

What Can I Expect From the TempSure® Firm Cellulite Treatment?

A typical TempSure® Firm cellulite treatment can be done quickly, taking only five minutes per area. It takes just five minutes to address the full abdomen and ten minutes for both thighs. Treatments have been described as feeling relaxing, similar to a hot stone massage. For best results after your session, we recommend applying at least SPF 30 sunscreen to the treated areas. On average, 5-8 treatments are needed to achieve the best outcome.

Before and After Photos

TempSure® Firm Cellulite Reduction in Bridgewater, MA

If you struggle with the appearance of cellulite and have been searching for a solution, we can help. Our team at Horizons Health & Wellness will do everything possible to help you reach your beauty goals. Get in touch with us and learn more about our radiofrequency treatments by clicking the button below or calling us at (508) 807-0634 for a FREE consultation today.