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Healthy Spirit/Healthy Mind

Do you need help finding a therapist or support group? Visit to search for therapists by zip code, insurance company, gender, medical issue, and more. Click here for help finding mental health resources for kids. For Divorce Support Groups in Massachusetts, click here. For Christian Men’s Spiritual Development, click here.

Mind, Body, Spirit

The Well – Imagine a place for healing that addresses the needs of the whole person. A place where one’s mind, body, and spirit are addressed in the care. A place that provides the best counseling, programs, and spiritual supports woven into a personalized and team approach, all under one roof. The Well is that place.

Bridges of Hope – Sharon Anderson, CWM, founded Bridges of Hope in 1995. She has been serving the community for over 20 years as a speaker, counselor, mentor and leader. Her approach combines wisdom, life experiences, and counseling expertise with her ability to connect with people, encourage them, challenge them, and promote lasting change.