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Under normal circumstances, vaginal bleeding is a normal monthly experience for women. However, when your bleeding is irregular, especially heavy, or when it occurs outside of your cycle, it should be investigated. Abnormal bleeding could be a signal of multiple issues, including hormonal imbalances, uterine growths such as fibroids, or other medical concerns. If you are experiencing unusual bleeding, Dr. Angela Aslami and the rest of our team here at Horizons Health & Wellness can help.


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What Causes Abnormal Bleeding?

The causes of abnormal bleeding can range from minor issues to serious complications. Some of the most common reasons for unusual bleeding include fibroids, polyps, and certain hormonal imbalances caused by the onset of menopause. Some sexually transmitted diseases may also play a role in abnormal bleeding. In order to get a clear image of your specific situation, we can provide you with a thorough evaluation here at our Bridgewater location.

Is This a Major Problem?

Abnormal bleeding is usually temporary in most cases. When you arrive, we will do all we can to identify the main cause of your issue. Once we’ve identified the problem, we can provide a range of treatment options to stop the bleeding and help you feel better again. In rare cases, abnormal bleeding can lead to anemia or heavy blood loss. If that were to occur, we may also need to supplement your treatment with mineral and vitamin infusions or perform a blood transfusion.

Hysteroscopy Diagnostic Testing and Treatments

A hysteroscopy is an effective means of identifying the cause of your uterine bleeding. We perform our hysteroscopy procedures in the office. No anesthesia is required for diagnostic hysteroscopy, however, for patients requesting relaxation, we offer Nitronox™ (laughing gas) and/or oral prescription medications. For patients undergoing operative hysteroscopy, we also offer local anesthesia (similar to injectable Novacaine). The night before hysteroscopy, we will prescribe a vaginal tablet that will help to soften and open your cervix. During the procedure, you will be positioned as if you were having a pelvic exam. Your cervix will be cleansed with a Qtip containing a special soap, and then the hysteroscope will be inserted through your cervix and into the uterus. Saline will be infused through the device and into the uterus in order to separate the uterine walls and provide clear visualization of the cervical canal, uterine cavity, uterine lining, and Fallopian tube openings. Images are captured immediately and shared with you after the completion of the procedure. Biopsies of the uterine lining can be performed simultaneously. If lesions are detected that need removal, you will be asked to return on a different day, as the equipment setup for operative hysteroscopy is different. The entire diagnostic hysteroscopy takes roughly two minutes. Menstrual type cramping is common during the procedure and resolves quickly after the procedure is terminated.

Endometrial Ablation Treatment

Another method for addressing bleeding is our endometrial ablation treatment. Ablation is not a form of surgery, as it does not involve surgical incisions. Before the procedure, Dr. Aslami will perform a thorough evaluation to determine the underlying cause of your heavy menstrual bleeding. This evaluation includes blood tests, imaging studies such as pelvic ultrasound, as well as hysteroscopy (direct visualization of the inside of your uterus using a small, flexible uterine camera), as well a biopsy of your uterine lining to test for cancerous or precancerous cells. These steps are necessary in order to rule out polyps, benign tumors, pregnancy, and hormone imbalances which may be causing heavy menstruation. IUDs must be removed before the procedure. During the procedure, Dr. Aslami will insert a thin device through the vagina and cervix, into the uterus. The steps that follow depend on what type of ablation is taking place.

Abnormal Bleeding Treatments in Bridgewater, MA

If you are experiencing pelvic pain or abnormal bleeding, we urge you to get in touch with our Bridgewater office today. Here at Horizons, we offer GYN services to both identify and address your uterine issues. If you’re in need of help, don’t wait; get in touch by filling out the form below or giving our office a call at (508) 807-0634.

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