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Sexual Health

Mars and Venus in the Bedroom, a Guide to Lasting Romance and Passion
John Gray, PhD
An entertaining book detailing the fundamental differences between men and women as we age with regards to sexual needs, and practical suggestions on how men and women can adjust their schedules, attitudes, and techniques so that they and their partners are happy in the bedroom. Appendix provides very helpful nonhormonal methods for improving sexual desire. 

She Comes First, The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman
Dr. Ian Kerner
This is a very helpful book with accurate information regarding female anatomy and physiology to help men pleasure their female partners all the way to orgasm. 

He Comes Next

He Comes Next, The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Pleasuring a Man
Dr. Ian Kerner
This book provides women with helpful tips and techniques to pleasure their male partners to higher and higher levels of satisfaction.