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Struggling with sagging skin? Past a certain age, loose skin, wrinkles, and other troubling signs of aging seem to appear more suddenly. Until recently, those of us experiencing these aging effects didn’t have many treatment options beyond surgery. Thankfully, our team at Horizons Health & Wellness now offers some of the most advanced systems on the market for treating sagging skin. If you’re in need of a skin rejuvenation session, we welcome you to get in touch in Bridgewater, MA today.


Woman looking at her face and skin in the mirror

What Causes Sagging Skin?

Sagging skin becomes more visible over time. Losing a lot of weight quickly or exposing your skin to sunlight without protection can cause the process to become more rapid. Environmental irritants and genetic factors also play a role in how quickly we age. Without treatment from a specialist, the aging process will only increase in severity over time. Therefore, adopting a skincare routine and coming in for treatments early on is important for maintaining your youthful glow.

What Are the Signs of Sagging Skin?

The most telling signs of sagging skin are wrinkles on the face, forehead, around the mouth, and near the nose. Additionally, some people can experience sagging under their chin, around their knees, or on other parts of their bodies as well. Those with skin laxity are also no strangers to dryness and uneven pigmentation. These signs can worsen over time If you are frequently exposed to direct sunlight or environmental irritants.

How Can We Treat Sagging Skin?

At Horizons Health & Wellness, we offer several methods of improving your skin tightness and texture. From lasers to radiofrequency systems, all treatments are personalized to fit your specific needs. When you arrive at our center, our expert providers will supply you with a thorough evaluation to determine the best option for you. While some centers offer BOTOX® Cosmetic and fillers, we choose to harness your body’s natural regenerative properties by applying energy treatments. Some of our treatment devices include:

Sagging Skin Treatments in Bridgewater, MA

If skin laxity has got you down, our Bridgewater team may have to key to helping you feel beautiful again. To learn more about our TempSure® devices, schedule your FREE consultation today. To get started, simply fill out the form below or give us a call at (508) 807-0634.