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Personal training can be provided through books, magazines, websites, apps, classes, gyms, and from friends and family. Personal trainers are certified to provide expert guidance on fitness programs based on the needs of their clients. They design workout routines specific to the needs of their clients, by evaluating their clients’ current fitness level, personal goals, medical conditions, and individual skills.


What Are the Benefits of Personal Training?

Are you interested in personal training? Do you need instruction on proper weightlifting techniques? Do you have injuries or medical conditions that need accommodation in an exercise program? Are you just getting started on a fitness journey? Personalized coaching is the best reason to consider training. Frank Scardigno is a certified personal trainer available for Horizons Health & Wellness clients. He offers individual, couples, and group training in person and on ZOOM/FaceTime.

Personal Training Pricing

30 minutes60 minutes
Couples (max 2 people)$27/each$54/each
Group Training (3-6 people)$25/each$50/each

Fitness Guidance in Bridgewater, MA

At Horizons Health & Wellness, we offer premier health advice. We want to help you answer your questions and provide you with the guidance to pursue your wellness needs. If you’re ready to get started, please fill out the form below or contact us at (508) 807-0634. We look forward to hearing from you.