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The syndrome of obesity is a chronic medical condition, with many underlying complicated metabolic pathways contributing to extreme difficulty with weight loss. Many people blame themselves for an inability to lose weight, without realizing that their excess weight is a medical issue requiring a medical solution. While eating healthy foods in proper proportions and exercising regularly are foundational requirements, these habits are usually insufficient for permanent sustained weight loss. The providers at Horizons Health & Wellness have completed expert training on weight-loss strategies, and we are proud to offer medically assisted programs to help you achieve your weight goals. 


Healthy Habits for Weight Loss

Sometimes it seems like the only way to lose weight is by adopting a super-strict diet or spending every waking moment at the gym. Although fad diets may seem like the easiest path to dropping a size, they’re all but guaranteed to fail in the long run because they ignore the underlying medical issues and metabolic pathways. Sometimes, the success or failure of your journey depends on changing approaches to managing your other medical conditions and adjusting daily habits (like how much sleep you get and whether or not you eat breakfast) than on the actual food choices you make. As part of your program here at Horizons Health & Wellness, you will work with a physician and other health professionals to determine your nutritional requirements and metabolic needs. Your medical history and medications will be reviewed to identify underlying medical issues that may be interfering with permanent weight loss. Many people do not realize that their prescription medications for issues such as hypertension, anxiety, depression, birth control, and sleep problems actually CAUSE weight gain. We are very comfortable suggesting medication alternatives and prescribing medications to facilitate weight loss. You will also receive counseling on how to make day-to-day behavioral and lifestyle changes to help you reach a healthy weight.

How Will You Address Factors that Influence Weight Loss?

As part of the work you do with us, you will receive a customized weight loss program based on your specific needs. Part of your program may involve:

  • Balancing hormones
  • Adjusting your metabolism
  • Using weight loss medications
  • Improving sleep habits
  • Adjusting treatments for your other chronic medical conditions
  • Performing a comprehensive micronutrient assessment
  • Analyzing your cardiovascular genetic profile
  • Supplementing with vitamins, minerals, or other nutraceuticals
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What is our New Weight Loss Program?

Our six-month weight loss program has three components and costs $399:

  1. a six month online self-paced course (no driving, no scheduling, no hassle!)

2. weekly recorded ZOOM coaching (no driving, no hassle…watch the replays if you can’t attend live)

3. monthly medical appointments (on ZOOM or in our Bridgewater, MA office)

You will learn nutrition, healthy habits (and how to adopt them), mindset strategies, new recipes, new cooking techniques, sleep strategies, exercise options, behavior modification science and more through our newly published online self-paced curriculum created and narrated by Dr. Aslami. Every 30 days, new content will be available, until six months of education has been released. There is no expiration date, so you can take longer than six months to complete the curriculum if needed.

You will have weekly coaching calls on Zoom to learn additional topics, review homework, and answer questions you have along the way.

You will have monthly medical appointments in our Bridgewater office OR on Zoom. During these visits, labs, medications, homework, vital signs and body composition will be reviewed. These visits will be billed to your insurance company.

At the end of our six month, you will still have access to the online curriculum and to as many medical appointments as you need. You can continue the weekly Zoom coaching calls by joining our membership for $30/month. In addition to the continued weekly Zoom coaching calls, the membership includes a quarterly body composition analysis ($35 value each) and a 10% discount on vitamins and supplements.

*Optional add-ons include personal training, exercise education, group fitness classes, yoga, meditation, vitamins, supplements, and medical foods (meal replacements), but these are not required.  However, you will reach your goals faster if you take advantage of some of these options.

Where can I learn more about the new weight loss program?

You can take a video tour of what your weight loss journey will look like. You can also view a video description of the course created and narrated by Dr. Aslami.

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Program Details

Are you ready to PERMANENTLY lose weight without surgery, counting calories, counting points or starving yourself? We know this probably sounds too good to be true, but our program is based on sound medical judgments. This is not your typical weight loss program; our method relies on a complete evaluation of your metabolism, body composition, hormone, and lab assessments, in conjunction with the latest evidence for medical interventions, to help you reach your healthiest weight. We guide you through the weight loss process and teach you how to MAINTAIN it long term.

Dr. Angela Aslami and the team at Horizons Health & Wellness will customize the program to your specific needs. They will determine if you need hormone balancing, weight loss medications, adjustments to your metabolism, vitamins, medical foods, nutraceuticals, sleep studies, and/or medications for chronic medical conditions. You will meet monthly with our providers throughout your weight loss journey- THESE MEDICAL VISITS ARE COVERED BY INSURANCE.

In addition to the medical supervision described above, our weight loss program includes WEEKLY coaching via Zoom and a comprehensive six month online self-paced course where you will learn permanent lifestyle changes to help you sustain and maintain your weight loss. The online course and coaching are NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE, and the program costs $399. WE HAVE 0% FINANCING AVAILABLE FOR UP TO 18 MONTHS IF NEEDED THROUGH OUR PARTNER CARE CREDIT.

Weight Loss Programs in Bridgewater, MA

At Horizons Health and Wellness, we offer a highly successful weight loss program in a budget and schedule friendly format. Get started here! Speak to us today by calling (508) 807-0634 or clicking the button below to get in touch with our team at our Bridgewater, MA location today.