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Although there are many unique and new ways to treat chronic pain, doctors are always striving to develop and offer new treatments that can improve the lives of their patients by reducing pain. SoLá Therapy is a new type of treatment that targets most pelvic pain starting at the cellular level. With SoLá Therapy, the pain cycle is broken, not simply masked.


What Is SoLá Pelvic Pain Therapy?

SoLá Pelvic Pain device

SoLá Pelvic Therapy utilizes an infrared laser to target the pelvic floor muscles and surrounding tissues stuck in a chronic pain cycle. While infrared laser has been used for decades to treat pain elsewhere, SoLa represents a new technology for targeting gynecologic pain. At Horizons Health & Wellness, we are committed to long-term permanent improvements in our patients’ lives. Dr. Aslami will comprehensively assess your pain and make treatment recommendations to help you best achieve your goals. 

Woman with pelvic pain

What Does SoLá Treat?

SoLá therapy has been linked to helping several conditions that can cause pain, discomfort, and inflammation in women. While there may be other conditions that SoLá therapy can help to treat, it is best to talk to your doctor about the best ways to combat your specific symptoms. Some of the included conditions that this treatment has been known to help include:

How Does It Work?

SoLá Pelvic Therapy is a procedure performed by using a PBM (Photobiomodulation) laser. The safe, gentle, and pain-free procedure does not require anesthesia, so it can be performed during lunch break, mid-day, or any other time without worrying about the side effects, the need to recover, or the risks that come with anesthesia. You will be placed in the standard pelvic exam position. A thin wand (smaller than a vaginal ultrasound) will be placed into the vagina. This wand emits an infrared laser. While you should feel no pain, you will more than likely feel a pleasant warming sensation. The treatment is typically just a few minutes and will be scheduled 2-3 times per week over a course of 2-3 weeks. Because this technology is so new, there are no billing codes, and it is not covered by insurance. We are so confident this treatment will help alleviate your pain that we offer the first 2 treatments free of charge. The total cost for the treatment series is $2000.

Patient Testimonial

SoLá Pelvic Pain Therapy Treatments in Bridgewater, MA

At Horizons Health & Wellness, we have a team of professional, caring providers who understand the challenges you face. Our treatments are always delivered with the highest care and performed to maximize your comfort and results. If you’re interested in a treatment, get started today! Schedule your consultation by clicking the button below or giving us a call at (508) 807-0634.