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Are you trying to lose weight? Get healthier? Are you frustrated by lack of progress? Happy with your progress? Do you ever wonder if your hard work is paying off? Is the scale moving too slowly? Horizons Health and Wellness is here to help. We invite you to come to our Bridgewater, Massachusetts office for a body composition analysis.

InBody Body Composition Analysis Q & A

What is InBody Body Composition Analysis?

InBody is a two minute, painless, body composition analysis that provides a fantastic, detailed, personalized report regarding what YOU are made of. You will discover how many pounds of water, muscle, bone and fat you have, as well as your total % of each. You will also learn what your individual body’s daily calorie needs are, based on your age, gender, and body composition (% muscle, fat, water, bone). Whether you are trying to lose weight or gain it, you need to know how many total calories YOU need (not what is recommended on a generic food label). You will also learn what your visceral fat score is (the fat around your internal organs). This is a different kind of fat, one that you can’t see or pinch, but that is important to know so that you can understand your future risks for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Is InBody right for me?

InBody is available to anybody over age 16, and is not covered by insurance. You do not have to be an existing patient in our practice to have this analysis done. The cost is $35. You can repeat the testing at three month (or longer) intervals, and track your progress. Sometimes you are working hard to lose weight and the scale isn’t changing. If you had an InBody analysis performed a couple of times and knew that you were losing fat mass and gaining muscle, this would be an indication that your program is working and that you can keep doing it with confidence that you are making progress towards your health goals. Conversely, if the scale isn’t changing and an InBody analysis confirms that you are not losing fat or gaining muscle or losing visceral fat, it is probably time to change the program you are working with.

We want to help you attain your health goals! Call us to schedule your InBody body composition analysis now. 



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