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At Horizons Health and Wellness, we recognize that environmental exposures influence health and wellbeing. Your home's indoor air quality, light quality, insulation, paint quality, flooring materials etc. can affect your health. We are pleased to recommend Margie McNally, a local interior designer specializing in environmentally friendly designs for renovations and new construction.

Her business, Interior Elements, specializes in environmental interior design. Interior Elements was helping people live green long before it was fashionable. The connection between health and our indoor environment has long been evident. From choosing less toxic products to installing correct lighting, we can affect our indoor air quality and natural body rhythms to promote optimal health. Interior Elements can help you create healthy and environmentally friendly spaces that are both beautiful and energy efficient.

Interior Elements will assist you with project certification goals such as LEED for Homes, Living Building Challenge or The National Association of Home Builders Green Building Program.

Interior Elements pricing is based on an hourly rate for consulting with affordable introductory consultation and assessment, product recommendations, and sourcing.

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