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Have you ever wondered if your scar reduction cream was actually helping? Or if your special lotion can really remove your stretch marks? Or if your world-class multi-step anti-wrinkle cream will really make you look younger? At Horizons Health & Wellness, we have invested in the powerful ICON™ Laser Skin Resurfacing treatment. This laser is a workhorse in the anti-aging industry, providing amazing results for wrinkle and stretch mark reduction, as well as reducing the appearance of surgical scars, acne scars, stretch marks, and more. Best of all, this treatment requires minimal downtime, no hospitals, and no anesthesia!


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What Is Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Skin resurfacing with the ICON™ uses laser energy to penetrate below the skin surface and initiate tissue remodeling. This results in skin tightening, smoothed out wrinkles, and renewed scar healing with minimal discomfort. Topical skincare products (prescription and over-the-counter) simply cannot compete with the proven results obtained with laser skin resurfacing. Along with providing some immediate post-treatment benefits, laser skin resurfacing also promotes collagen production over time. After your treatment, your skin will gradually repair itself, and younger, healthier skin will replace the damaged areas.

What Does ICON™ Laser Skin Resurfacing Address?

The ICON™ Laser Resurfacing treatment is exceptional at reducing wrinkles and scarring (including scarring from acne). 

This versatile laser has many customization options, and a simple setting change allows us to also treat color imperfections, such as:

What Results Can I Expect From the ICON™ Laser?

Your skin resurfacing session may cause some mild swelling, redness, and darkening of the skin. These side effects typically subside shortly after the treatment. Once your skin is healed, you will notice a visible improvement in its smoothness, texture, and color. In most cases, a series of 3-4 sessions are recommended to achieve the best results. Be sure to discuss your specific goals during your consultation so we can properly customize your ICON™ settings.

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ICON™ Laser Skin Resurfacing in Bridgewater, MA

Visit Horizons Health & Wellness today to discover all the benefits ICON™ Laser Skin Resurfacing can provide. Whether you’ve noticed some wrinkles on your face, or have been struggling with aggressive scarring problems for most of your life, we can help. To get started, fill out the form below or give us a call at (508) 807-0634 for a FREE consultation today.