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All month long, with the purchase of a MonaLisa Touch® treatment, we are offering a special savings on our SoLa Pelvic Pain Therapy or Cliovana™ with $350 OFF.

MonaLisa Touch® and Cliovana™ are ideal for women looking to spice up the romance and sex life. This results in new vaginal tissue formation with more moisture, more elasticity (stretchiness), more thickness, and more resistance to infections. Come in today to start your 14 to 18-week treatment. 

SoLa Therapy is a new type of treatment that targets most pelvic pain starting at the cellular level. With SoLa Therapy, the pain cycle is broken, not simply masked. Dr. Aslami will comprehensively assess your pain and make treatment recommendations to help you best achieve your goals. 

*Valid 10/1/21-10/31/21