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While regular diet and exercise are excellent options for helping you shed some extra weight, in some cases excess fat can still linger and cause you to doubt your efforts. Your genetics and metabolic rate can play an enormous role in determining how much fat your body retains. If you’re trying to lose weight and get the slim physique you’ve been dreaming of, our team at Horizons Health & Wellness can help. We offer effective weight loss programs and the support you need to enhance your fat-burning efforts.


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Why Do I Have Excess Fat?

Having fat around your waist, in your arms, and in your thighs can be due to living with poor nutritional habits over a long period of time. Not getting enough exercise, or doing the wrong kind of exercise, can also play a huge role in stubborn weight gain. Unfortunately, while some of us make a real effort to adhere to strict diets, we can still retain stubborn fat. Age and genetics can play a big role in how much weight our bodies retain. When your personal exercise routines don’t appear to be helping, coming in for guidance may be an excellent option. We can perform a body composition analysis using the innovative InBody machine. This device will determine your calorie needs, as well as how much fat mass you need to lose.

How Can a Medically Assisted Weight Loss Program Help?

A weight loss program can provide you with dietary guidelines and exercise support to help keep you on track to meet your goals. At Horizons Health & Wellness, we customize your weight loss journey by balancing your hormones, adjusting your metabolism, prescribing weight loss medications, improving sleep quality, treating chronic medical conditions, and supplementing with vitamins, minerals, and nutraceuticals. Once you reach your ideal weight, if you are still struggling with stubborn belly fat, we offer the TempSure® FlexSure body contouring treatment to help shrink those last few inches.

What Are the Available Programs?

At Horizons, we offer a three-phase weight loss program designed to provide you with results over several months. This program is structured as follows:

  • Phase 1: You receive educational tools to master your nutritional, behavioral, and health needs.
  • Phase 2: If you desire further weight loss following Phase 1 of the program, Phase 2 offers additional guidance to troubleshoot your specific obstacles.
  • Phase 3: The final phase focuses on maintaining your achieved results indefinitely and identifying underlying issues causing weight gain.

Each of these phases can be tailored to accommodate individuals, couples, and large groups. For more information, we invite you to get in touch and schedule a consultation here in Bridgewater, MA. 

The Phases of Your Program Include

Phase 1 (6 months total)Price: Individuals $1500Couples $1250Group $1000

Schedule: Once/week for the 1st 2 months, then every other week for months 3-6 (30-minute sessions for individuals and couples, 1 hour for groups)

Phase 1 is only necessary once, to provide you with the necessary education and tools to master your nutritional, behavioral, and health needs.

Phase 2 (4 months total)Price: Individuals $1000Couples $850Group $700

Schedule: Every other week for 4 months (30-minute sessions for individuals and couples, 1 hour for groups)

Phase 2 is only necessary after completing phase 1 if more weight loss is needed/desired, and can be repeated as often as necessary to continue weight loss. This aspect of the program is designed to continue the successful weight loss started in phase 1, to ensure that you don’t gain weight or stop losing weight, and to offer guidance and assistance in troubleshooting your unique obstacles to further weight loss.

Phase 3 (maintenance, 1 year total)Price: Individuals $800Group $500/year

Schedule: Once/month (30-minute sessions for individuals, 1 hour for groups)

Once you have reached your target weight, Phase 3 can be repeated indefinitely to make sure you don’t regain. If there is any sign of regaining weight, you can revisit your provider to determine if medications, hormones, medical foods, nutrition changes, etc. are needed to reverse weight gain.

*Optional add-ons offered at Horizons Health & Wellness in any phase include personal training, exercise education, group fitness classes, vitamins, supplements, and medical foods (meal replacements), but these are not required. However, you will reach your goals faster if you take advantage of some of these options.

Weight Loss Services in Bridgewater, MA

If you struggle with excess fat, we can provide you with a comprehensive weight loss program to help you shed those pounds. To get started, simply contact our team here at Horizons Health & Wellness. Schedule a consultation today by clicking the button below or give us a call at (508) 807-0634.